Fugitive Couple May Be Headed to Northwest Florida

Police in northwest Georgia say an Indiana couple who lost custody of their children and fled to Georgia are on the run again, this time to northwest Florida possibly. They're accused of stealing a neighbor's car and eluding police.

Authorities say 23-year-old Michael Lovely and his wife Haley fled Kokomo, Indiana two months ago. They brought with them three children all under the age of three who had been taken out of their custody in Indiana.

Police in Rome said they didn't know the couple were in the area until they were evicted from their home and allegedly stole a neighbor's white 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Floyd County Police Maj. Tommy Shiflett says another neighbor reported some checks were missing, and some of those have been forged.

Shiflett says a letter Michael Lovely wrote to a friend talked about how bad things were and how if they didn't get better he would kill himself and his wife.

The children were supposed to be in the custody of their Indiana grandmother. Shiflett said they may be headed to southern Alabama or the Florida Panhandle, although police weren't ruling anywhere out. He said the Mitsubishi wasn't carrying a license plate.

Felony warrants have been issued for the couple.