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Whether you're riding your bike, or putting your baby down in his crib you depend on the safety of the products you use every day.

We'd like to think the products we use every day are safe, especially when it comes to our kids. That's why parents need to make sure they don't have a baby crib like the ones made by Orbelle.

About 7,700 cribs made by Orbelle Trade Incorporated are being recalled because they don't comply with crib safety standards due to a gap between the side rail and the crib mattress support.

This could trap a baby, causing injury or death.. The cribs included in this recall are the Daniella, Leeat, Noa, Naomi, Gabriella, Amber, and series 300 model cribs.. Again, all made by Orbelle Trade Incorporated. They were sold nationwide at children's furniture stores for between $135 and $335.

Riviera Trading Incorporated is recalling metallic costume bracelets. The recalled bracelets have heart, oval and rectangular shaped charms that have phrases written on them that say things like "I like sport", "I like movies" "I like shopping," and "I like music." The bracelet also has various colored plastic trinkets. They were sold at department stores nationwide for about $6.

And it you're a bike enthusiast, you have used the Adams Trail-a-Bike or Adams slipstream bicycle attachment. Eighty thousand of these attachments are being recalled because they can separate from the main part of your bike, causing you to crash. They were sold at bike stores for $125 to $295.

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