Files of Life

The Panama City Kiwanis Club and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office are teaming up to help the elderly who live alone.

The club is donating $1,500 so the Sheriffs Office can buy and distribute another 2,000 “Files of Life” packets. The program contains all the medical information an emergency worker needs when the patient is found unconscious.

Included is a red "File of Life" sticker to be placed in the front window of the patient’s home.

When the emergency workers see that, they know they can find the “File of Life” with its magnetized strip stuck to the patient’s refrigerator door.

The information includes any medications the patient is taking, their medical problems, their doctor’s name and how to contact their next of kin.

Sgt. Mark Tochterman of the Sheriff’s Office says this is information that's critical for the emergency responders and the patient.

"If a patient is unconscious we have no idea what medication these people are on, so we want to know what they are taking without having to look all over the house for different pill bottles, so all we have to do is look at this.”

You can pick up a “File of Life” at the Sheriff’s Office on Highway 77 south of Lynn Haven or the Council on Aging on Frankford Ave in St. Andrew. They're free.