Ponce de Leon Department

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Folks in Ponce de Leon are celebrating a new addition to the community. They're dedicating a new fire station, but the dedication has a special meaning for one family.

Kyle Bass never met his grandfather, but this 16-year-old is well on his way to being a lot like him.

Kyle says, "I would like to be a firefighter. I've always wanted to be one since I was a baby."

The fire house in Ponce de Leon was recently rededicated to the man that started it all back in 1978. James Carrol is the grandfather of a high schooler that can't wait to make the jump to fire school.

"After I go to college and get certified and all that, I'm probably going to work full-time in the South Walton Fire Department."

His weekends are like most teenagers except when there's a fire and he gets to come along.

"They actually let me help them put out fires and on medical call and everything it's fun."

He even has his own admires, not because of his grandfather, but because of his dedication to his career path.

Rex Byrd, Fire Chief, says, "I know his grandpa would be proud of him and if he keeps his heart like it is now, he'll make a great firefighter."

Kyle still wears his grandfather's old jacket to every fire. In addition to being a fireman, James Carroll also served on the City Council before he passed away in 1985.