Marianna Civic Center

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Like most places in the Panhandle, Jackson County is experiencing tremendous growth. Officials are looking for ways to handle that growth in all areas.

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce recently announced a new civic center could be in Marianna's future. Last year the Jackson County Commission approved a bed tax that's generated about $150,000 and made the initial stages of the project possible.

The project will cost any where from $2 to $3 million, most of which will come from federal and state grants. The civic center will be Jackson County's largest indoor facility able to hold about 2,500 people.

Art Kimbrough says, "Any time we have a need for and event that going to have more than 500 people under a roof inside we simply don't have the facility to do. More and more events are coming to us that need that kind of capacity."

Though the site has been chosen, Jackson County commissioners still have to approve the project.