School Lunch

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Forgot your lunch money? Sorry. Bay County schools will no longer let students eat today and pay tomorrow.

In the past school's have let a little forgetfulness slide when it came to lunchtime. Kids who didn't remember their money were allowed to get lunch on credit, but that all ends next Tuesday.

A countywide audit showed the district is owed thousands of dollars in outstanding lunch accounts. Superintendent James McCalister says he isn't changing policy, he's just enforcing it.

"I don't feel comfortable asking for all that money now because we weren't supposed to do it in the first place," he says.

So if you owe the school money, you're off the hook. McCalister says schools will notify parents by phone call or in writing if their child's account is getting low, a practice that has fallen by the wayside for most schools.

But forgetful youngsters aren't totally out of lunch. An alternative meal, like a sandwich and fruit, will be provided for anyone leaving their money at home.

McCalister says this will be a seamless transition and no student will be embarrassed in the lunch line.