Bark Park

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Spike Alfassa is an avid dog lover and owns a south Walton dog business, but she feels the county often overlooks its canines

This community is growing and not only are they bringing their kids, but they're moving here with their animals and they have nowhere to go and we have a positive place where they can go and feel safe.

Spike says county ordinances for dogs on the beach are too restrictive and has asked the county for land to build a dog park. She suggested the county donate two acres on 10 acres of land they plan to buy just north of Helen McCall Park.

The county doesn't own the land just yet. Officials are waiting for a deed from the state and only then can they begin studies to determine how much of the land can be developed and what should go on it.

Currently, the Boys and Girls Club, softball and baseball leagues are all vying for space. Spike is confident a dog park will be in the mix.

I know they want to put in a softball field and someone asked about football and that's great I love that that's a wonderful idea, but I also think it's time for dogs to have a park in this area.