Eastside Animal Cruelty Case

The culmination of a year-long animal abuse investigation has ended with 50 animals being rescued from a filthy house in Springfield.

Bay County Animal Control officials say four adults living inside the home now face criminal charges for cruelty to animals, as well as child neglect.

Animal Control officials and Springfield police have been rounding up animals at a Springfield home off of Helen Avenue all day. They say what they found inside was disturbing.

Mary Kirlin of the county’s Animal Control Department says what they found inside was disturbing.

"Between the outside and the inside we found 25 dogs, eight cats, a ferret, some rats, and a finch."

At least two puppies were also found dead and buried in the back yard, and it seems those that were rescued from the home are lucky to even be alive. There was a lot of matting of the adult dogs, lots of infections and signs of no proper veterinarian care.

In addition the officials say they were concerned about the conditions of the home.

"Neighbors say they're fed up. They're fed up with the barking, noise, and filth these animals leave behind."

Alice Polk lives in the neighborhood, and she’s upset.

"My biggest gripe is the smell. I didn't even go to work and was sick from the smell. It's awful, terrible," she says.

Polk and other neighbors have complained about the animals for the past year, but Animal Control officials say they have never been able to obtain a warrant to enter the home.

When Animal Control officials arrived early Friday morning to respond to yet another complaint, they found a young girl living inside covered in animal feces. Kirlin knew it was time to take action.

The four adults accused of hording the animals are now facing animal cruelty charges and the Department of Children and Families is looking into the welfare of the small child there.

A city of Springfield animal ordinance says residents can only house four animals at a time in their home.