Frugal Friday

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Shopping at a dollar discount store will save you money, or will it? The products are cheaper, but do these low cost alternatives do the job? News Channel Seven's Carla Kneeland put discount products to the test.

It's a face-off between a high priced detergent and a discount version.

The Good Housekeeping Institute compared Dawn Ultra, a leading liquid detergent, with Sunburst Ultra bought at Dollar General.

“The Dawn cleaned an average of 19 plates before it stopped working, while the Sunburst cleaned only an average of only six plates.”

Do you do windows? Good Housekeeping did using a dollar brand cleaner against Windex. They rubbed potting soil, oil combinations and crayons on a mirror.

“The Family Dollar brand took 10 more strokes to clean the mirror and 22 more seconds to remove crayon than Windex, and the Windex didn't streak as much.”

And the cost difference? The consumer will have to use more spray with the dollar cleaner than with Windex. You do the math.

For wintertime dry skin, Good Housekeeping tested Lubriderm moisturizer against the bargain "Lander" lotion that claims to perform just as well.

“The dollar store brand, Lander, was more runny and thin compared to the Lubriderm.”

The Lubriderm had a better and longer lasting moisturizing ability than the dollar brand Lander. Even after four hours, the Lubriderm was able to keep skin moisturized. Lubriderm is much more expensive than Lander, but Frugal Friday says it gives you more bang for your buck.

So in the end, paying less doesn't mean you'll get more for your money.

Manufacturers' Contacts:

Dollar Tree
Moira Vanderhoof
Colleen Hanson

Dawn Ultra Detergent
Carol Berning at Procter & Gamble
(513) 627-5856

Sunburst Ultra Detergent
919-255-9160 (Patrick Diehl)

Family Dollar
704-814-3374 (Rick Siliakus)

Dollar General
615-855-4000 (Tawn Ernest)


Lubriderm Lotion
212-242-9353 (Margarita Abate)