The Controversial "We Are Family" Video Is about to Make an Appearance in Some Bay County Schools

Parents are already talking about it and some national Christian groups have begun an e-mail campaign to alert families.

According to the "We Are Family" Web site, this non-profit organization will deliver a music video and instructional material to 61,000 public and private schools across the U.S.

The organization says the videos will promote tolerance and diversity to children using popular children's show characters, but many parents are becoming concerned after receiving an e-mail from the American Family Association warning about the teaching guide.

They say it normalizes same sex marriages and relationships, something they don't want in the classroom.

Mary Bottorf is a concerned local parent.

"I am very much against children at the elementary school level or any child being taught same sex relationships are okay, because they are not."

Personnel with the Bay County School Board say they have yet to receive any of the materials, but if they do receive them, any materials used in a local classroom goes through a strict review process first, especially with the elementary schools.

A spokesman told NewsChannel Seven if a video or materials are inappropriate for the students it will never make it to the classroom.

For more information you can check out the Web site www.wearefamily