Bayou George Residents Say "Not in My Back Yard"

A final decision on relocating the downtown county jail facility next to the jail annex off Highway 231 in Bayou George has yet to be made, but some residents say Bay County has already locked them up and thrown away the key.

About a dozen residents sat down with the county administrator to voice their concerns and ask why the county has ruled out other locations.

Some county officials say expanding the jail near the annex makes sense financially, but residents say they don't see the sense in moving more criminals to their neighborhood.

Dana Knight lives next to jail annex now and she doesn’t want more prisoners.

"I don't know what ya'll think, but I don't care about paying more taxes. I care about my six and 11-year-olds playing in the yard."

Resident Susan Creamer is also an opponent of the new jail plans.

“I just hope they can live with the consequences if something tragic happens, like a stand-off or hostage takeover, or something worse like an attack on our kids."

Bay County commissioners will take up the issue at next Tuesday's meeting. There will be public workshops held before a final decision is made.