Remembering MLK

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When most people think of Martin Luther King, they probably remember his "I have a dream" speech, but King wasn't a dreamer. He was a visionary who called upon Americans to act.

On Monday, civil rights group ACURE helped to spread his message with their annual Martin Luther King festival in McKenzie Park. More than 2,000 people came out for the event.

It had everything from arts and crafts to food and of course live entertainment, but the day wasn't only about fun; it was also education a way for young and old to learn more about the man who worked so hard for civil rights in America.

Sharon Sheffield, the event organizer, says, “I'm just hoping that everybody will continue
to be a part of this day with us and that we will not let the dream die, but we will go beyond the dream where we ought to be. I’m making sure all of us are educated about the equality of others.”

The day's festivities ended with a 7 p.m. worship service at First Mt. Moriah Church in Springfield.