Jackson County Courthouse Security

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Shortly after the Gulf County shootings, a number of Panhandle courthouses stepped up security, including Jackson County.

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for providing that security. Security is always an issue, even when protective measures have already been taken.

John P. McDaniel, Jackson County Sheriff, says, "We can't say it couldn't happen here. It could happen anywhere, but we need to certainly do our proper training, have the proper equipment and make sure that we carry through and periodically check what we're doing."

Other than Bay County, Jackson County is the only other court house in the 14th Judicial Circuit with metal detectors installed at the front door.

Dale Guthrie, Jackson Co. Clerk of Court, says, "One of the things we did, and it was through a small grant, was to have courthouse security which brought the machine that people go through to detect any type of weapon or something like that."

"We check anyone that comes in and out of the courthouse up there and they [are] not to have any weapons, not even a pocket knife."

And even though it's for their own good, according to Jackson County Clerk of the Court Dale Guthrie, some people still complain.

"It may be an inconvenience for some people, but on a whole we're just trying to protect everybody that comes into the courthouse."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office assigns a deputy to each judge whenever there's a court proceeding. That can occupy up to five deputies at a time, the same number of deputies patrolling the streets.