Two Doctors, One From Panama City, Have Their Medical Licenses Suspended

Two doctors in north Florida have had their medical licenses suspended by the state for allegedly ordering unproved wrinkle treatment.

Florida Department of Health officials notified Doctor Norman Cohen of Jacksonville and Doctor Daniel Daube Junior of Panama City that their licenses were being suspended as part of the investigation.

State and federal officials continue to investigate an underground network accused of using raw botulinum toxin in South Florida instead of costlier Botox.

The material is similar to what's used to make the approved wrinkle treatment Botox but could be dangerous.

Raw botulinum toxin is blamed for paralyzing a doctor and three other people he injected at a suburban Fort Lauderdale clinic.

State and federal officials say they found Dr. Daube's name on a list of invoices as a purchaser of the un-approved toxin.

Daube treated 14 patients, but told investigators he doesn't know which ones received Botox and which ones got a dose of raw botulinum toxin.