Running Into Retirement

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For retired runners, this bunch of greyhound dogs is pretty laid back. In fact, they rarely make a sound, enjoying the peace of life outside the tracks.

Jo Lowery owns two greyhounds and was surprised at how relaxed these athletes really are.

"They're just so mellow. You wouldn't think they are, but they are."

Another owner, Gisela Harper, is quick to point out these dogs that once lived and breathed life at the race tracks did not take long to accustom to a life on the sidelines.

"They make wonderful pets. They're not boisterous and they're not watchdogs. They're couch potatoes for sure."

Adjusting from racing to home life does come easy, but finding homes for them isn't as easy.

Charlie Tuller with Greyhound Pets of America Emerald Coast says about 10 to 20 greyhounds are available for fostering or adoption on a regular basis.

"Fostering is the transition of a dog from the kennel/track environment into a home environment. It's a lot of fun because it's the first time a dog has actually had the chance to be in a home, so there's a little bit of socializing."

And when the races began, a glimpse of an old life, these animals prove sometimes retirement can be a very good thing.

For more information about fostering or adopting, you can visit the Greyhound Pets of America Emerald Coast website at