Slow Climb Report in Jobless Numbers for Northwest Florida

More people were out of a job in January in area counties than there were in December.

Here in Bay County, the January unemployment rate was 4.9 percent. That compares to 4.8 percent a month earlier. It translates to 3,822 jobless claims for the month.

Calhoun (5.2 percent), Franklin (4.3 percent), Holmes (4.8 percent) and Jackson (4.6 percent) Counties were also all in the same boat, each showing increases in jobless numbers.

Gulf County, the Port St. Joe area saw its unemployment numbers stay the same (4.1 percent).

Other area counties including Liberty (3.6 percent), Okaloosa (3.7 percent), Walton (3.6 percent) and Washington (4.5 percent) also showed increases in the number of workers out of a job.

The statewide average is 4.4 percent for the month of January.