Flu Shots for All

If you’ve been holding off getting a flu shot because of the vaccine shortage, the wait is over. State Health Secretary Doctor John Agwunobi says there’s plenty of vaccine.

And, he says, all restrictions on who can be inoculated have now been lifted. “Anyone in Florida is now eligible for flu vaccine. We have a lot of flu vaccine available at our county health departments that we’re going to try and distribute into the community and I would urge anyone who’s really, really wanting to get vaccinated: this would be a great time to go and do it.”

Agwunobi went on to say, “Flu season is by no means over. In fact, we’re really just beginning what is traditionally the peak season in Florida. So not just people over age 50. Not just people over age 65. And not just children… everyone go on. If you want to get vaccinated, this is your time.”

Agwunobi says he’s proud of the way most Floridians responded to the shortage of flu vaccine, agreeing to forgo vaccinations so they could be saved for people in high risk categories.

He’s also convinced the feds will do a better job managing the supply of flu vaccine so it doesn’t happen again in the fall.