Flu Shots

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The Florida Department of Health has lifted all of the restrictions for flu shots.

Health officials lifted the requirements Tuesday, saying there is now high availability of the flu vaccine.

Jackson County residents are welcoming the news.

Flu season is slowing down in some parts of the country, but it's just the beginning of the peak season in Florida.

"Flu season in Florida tends to be later than across the country. So we really haven't seen flu here up in Florida yet. It could come in February. It could even be March,” says FDH State Officer Bonnie Sorensen.

The Florida Department of Health announced Monday that all Florida is now eligible for the flu vaccine regardless of your health category.

Folks responded when they were asked to reserve the shots for folks who needed it most. Folks responded and did hold back. But, now there's enough for everyone who wants one.

No more high risk category is good news for some people in this community who still hadn't gotten their flu shots.

"Yes we heard about the availability of flu shots today and we're coming to the health department so we won't get the flu,” says Bud Rivere.

“I think they are really a good thing. We just didn't get one because I guess we're just not old enough or sick enough," adds Tom Cocklin.

Health officials say an availability of flu vaccine is still no excuse to stop following the steps to reduce the chance of any respiratory infections.

"Washing your hands often with warm soapy, not sharing utensils, not touching your eyes and mouth. Those type of precautionary measures should still be practiced,” explains William Long, JCHD Admin.

If you still need a flu shot contact your local health department for available locations.