21st Century Classrooms

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Patterson Elementary spent much of their technology grant on making all of the classrooms interactive, with touch screen chalkboards for the teacher and remote clickers for each child.

Scanning in worksheets and quizzes that automatically register in your grade book, and the ability to demonstrate at the board while walking around the room: These are all parts of the interactive classroom, and teachers who use it say you don't even have to be a computer whiz.

"It's very easy to do this. It's got a little camera on there and you just move it over what you want to take a picture of."

Forget banging erasers out after school; now teachers don't even have to use chalk or markers just their hands.

Teachers can make seamless transitions from one lesson to another without kids shuffling in their desks looking for books and paper. If you are using your science words for vocabulary practice just set-up your lesson plans on the computer and move from one worksheet to another.

But it's not just teachers that get to use this tool, students can sit at their desks and answer questions and write messages.

"And by standing at the back of the class I can pan the room with my eyes and I can see all the children at the same time. But yet work all the equipment and it shows up on the board."

Plus each of the students has one of these remotes enabling the teacher to give a quiz and have instant access to the results. And every classroom at Patterson Elementary will have one in the next few weeks.

Patterson Elementary is the Bay County magnet school for math, science, and technology. You can register your child at Patterson through the school choice program.