Former Principal Is Reinstated

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Three months ago he was removed as Shaw Adult Center's principal because of sexual harassment allegations. Now Jerry Long is being reassigned to another administrative position within the school district.

It's the second time Jerry Long has been removed from his job as principal of Shaw Adult Center. The first time long was reinstated as a teacher at another school after he sued the school district's decision to remove him as principal.

This time school board members voted four to one to reassign Long as the district's truant officer.

Four employees at Shaw Adult Center accused long of sexual harassment back in October.

Superintendent James McCalister says a position outside of Shaw is the best fit for long.

There were no allegations against long by students.

But at least one school board member voiced concerned that problems may persist, because long would be working closely with parents and teachers as the school's truancy officer.

School board members also voted to turn over the allegations of sexual harassment to the state's professional practices commission.

Meanwhile, Long will work as the district's truancy officer until his contract is up June 30.