Holmes County Murder Follow-up

It's three years later and investigators in Holmes County and Dothan are still searching for answers in the death of Sharon Mills, and the victim’s daughter is also on this case.

Her mother's body was found dead in a ditch three years ago, and Wednesday Angel Faulk visited the crime scene for the first time.

Angel says, "I'm just wanting people to remember that she was murdered and left here."

Investigators believe Sharon Mills may have been killed in Alabama before her body was left in Florida. Then there's the major stumbling of not being able to prove her cause of death.

"Sometimes when someone is choked the bone is not broken, and hers was not broken, but sometimes it is. Of course, I'm not an expert. I'm not a pathologist or even an expert."

Sgt. Chris Wells says, "We have a new medical examiner. He is reviewing the file trying to get a second opinion to cover all bases to determine the cause of her death."

Mills' husband, Dwight Mills, was named as a suspect in the case. He originally reported his wife missing but would later change his story.

"I won't have any peace until my mother gets justice. She did not deserve to die and then be tossed in this ditch where her husband admitted he left her."

He claimed that she fell in the ditch and he was not able to pull her out because he was drunk. Angel Faulk is hoping that a new medical examined will reveal more to this story.

Angel Faulk says that following the Lacie Peterson case gave her encouragement that one day her mother's case will be solved. Scott Peterson was convicted on her mother's birthday November 12.