Marina Library Floods Through the Roof

The Bay County Library became "book lake" Wednesday as the rains poured in through the old and leaky roof.

Bay County Library officials have been asking commissioners for some time to update the withering library building or construct a new one. Wednesday the worst leak yet opened up in the library's ceiling and now at least one county official is calling for action.

Bay County Commissioner Jerry Girvin walked into the library while NewsChannel Seven crews were there.

“This is ridiculous. We will do something about it,” he said.

Commissioner Girvin and others were sad to see the rain pouring in over the irreplaceable books in the genealogy section. Library officials say the roof looks like a lake. The ceiling tiles were so soaked after rains all night that the maintenance staff took them out Tuesday morning.

Commissioner Girvin says the best option will probably be to replace the roof and add on to the current library, but it all depends on the money.

Girvin says the County Commission is scheduled to meet with Panama City leaders to discuss the matter soon.