Selling Spring Break

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Everything has a price tag, but for corporate businesses they're ready to pay up and cash in on every part of spring break as possible.

Andy Phillips with the Edgewater Beach Resort on Panama City Beach is a member of the Tourist Development Council. He says they spent $300,000 this year to lure the breakers; it's up to sponsors to do the rest.

"We as the Tourist Development Council and Convention and Visitor's Bureau go out and market to the college student. These corporate sponsors that come in, they follow the kids. They know the value of the demographic and age group that are here during this time of year."

Local businesses also know the value of advertising. Chris Pitts with Club La Vela says they are happy to share their property for a price.

"Anybody that has property on the beach has the opportunity to sell that beach space or sell their business for banners, tents, promotional things."

Phillip Colvin with the Holiday Inn Sunspree on Panama City Beach says they sell floor space, wall space; even the elevator doors are for sale.

"On the beaches in general I'm sure it's within the millions of dollars as far as the number of dollars spent by the corporate sponsors to get to the students. Spring break is a unique event. There's not very many times when you can set up in one location and reach 90 percent of the college kids in the nation."

The same sponsors keep coming back year after year, obviously feeling the impact of advertising in their wallet.