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2005 hasn't been a good year for Habitat for Humanity founder and former president Millard Fuller.

The Habitat board fired Fuller in January amid allegations of sexual harassment, but that hasn't kept him from promoting better housing in over 100 countries worldwide.

Millard Fuller has inspired and helped so many with his Habitat for Humanity program. He was recently fired from the organization that he started and was told not to publicly represent them.

Millard Fuller says, "I love to be in Florida and I'm so glad to be in Marianna. I was here a few years ago. The local Habitat for Humanity affiliate has done outstanding work. I'm just honored to be here with Rotary and Jackson County Habitat."

Despite his recent dismissal, Fuller continues to speak in the name of his dream.

"As everybody knows, a house is so important to any family. A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. It's the foundation stone on which human development occurs."

Habitat for Humanity has built homes all over the world and has held many groundbreakings. It's not every day that the program’s founder is on hand to participate.

Ralph Harrison, Executive Director, says, "I was impressed. We had read many of his books. In fact, I have some with me today that I'm going to get him to sign. I was really impressed with his inspiration and dedication."

The Marianna Rotary Club pledged $20,000 to the construction of a new home. This is the first time that a Habitat for Humanity home has been funded entirely by one organization.

Fuller also helped the Marianna Rotary Club celebrate the organization's 100th anniversary.