Fallen Giant

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What stands 15 stories tall and is quickly catching the attention of anyone who drives by the Panama City Mall?

No, it's not a new high-rise condo project. It's a giant that's fallen asleep in the mall parking lot.

The giant has fallen asleep right in the middle of the mall parking lot and he's here for you to explore, and wait ‘til you see what's inside.

The fallen giant has ulcers and an upset stomach.

You can explore 3,000 square feet of his guts, brain, legs and heart. The giant's owners say he's here for a little fun and teach your kids about the anatomy of our bodies.

"Lets them learn about the anatomy of the body, inside and out. It's an exploration of the inside of a fallen giant where you explore all the organs in the body, how much blood a body has in it, how much oxygen it takes to maneuver this type, being this size," says Tony Relken, the giant's owner.

The fallen giant will be open for you to explore starting Friday, March 11 and running through the end of this month. The kiddies can come during the day to take an educational tour, and there will be a haunted house tour at night for the teens.