Fun and Games

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Making plans for after college isn't on the minds of most spring breakers, but if you bring a playground to the beach and entice them with some friendly competition, you might just get them to remember you.

They have beach towels, t-shirts, cold water, and of course, the games. The Army is in full force on Panama City Beach, making their presence known to these soon-to-be-college-graduates.

Tom Tiernan with the Outreach Division for the U.S. Army says the price for this party-friendly advertising is paying off.

"All the places we go, young Americans are signing up. They're learning about the opportunity. They're saying, ‘hey this is for me. There's a lot of people in the Army just like me.’ "

Using promotional items and games, the Army sends a message to these young adults that the military might be an even better career option.

"We bring out some fun things to do, and at the same time it gives them an opportunity to find out what it means to be a soldier and how very, very important service to our country is at this particular time in history."

Sgt. Hector Ceja, a Golden Knight Parachute Jumper, says his job is to excite and promote his job as a soldier.

"There's a lot of young people out here who are respective, and we're showing them some of the opportunities like soldiers like myself have for making a difference for themselves, their families and the nation."

Recruiters say for the students to play any of the games, they have to sign a waver and release their name and address. The students are then added to a mailing list and will receive information about the Army for the next couple of years, every six months.

Whether it's jumping out of a plane or climbing through obstacles, this Army is telling these students to “be all they can be.”