Marianna Murders Follow-up

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People are still shaken by last week's quadruple murders in Marianna, and they're demanding a resolution.

Marianna police investigators say they want answers too, but they've been hard to come by.

Officers from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, the state attorney's office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have joined the round-the-clock investigation.

Tuesday afternoon shed a little more light on the investigation surrounding the murder of and her three children.

Law enforcement officials say 19-year-old Danielle Baker died as a result a being shot, and her children died as from being bound in duck tape. It's speculated that they may have suffocated, but the question of why, or who would do this, still remains.

Lou Roberts, Marianna Police Chief, says, "We're not used to something like this. When you have a three-week-old child that is bound with duck tape, it needs to be solved."

Over 40 people have been interviewed as tips continue to come in.

Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts says that the case has to be to solved for the sake of the children, not just the ones who were killed, but for their surviving sister, two-year-old Ashanti Bronson.

"We've got to do what it takes to resolve this case. We got three small children that lost their lives for no reason. Their mother is gone. We've got a child that's motherless now."

Investigators say they need the public's help. They're hoping that someone will provide them with the information that will solve this case.

Steve Meadows, state attorney, says, "Somebody out there knows, who would duck tape a three-week-old child. If you know who that person was that did that, don't hold it in your chest. Come forth and do the right thing in this case."

With the help of business owners from Bay and Jackson Counties, the reward for who ever committed these murders has now been set at $25,000.

If you have any information to help the investigation of these murders, you're encouraged to call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 850-526-5000.