Funeral Preparations

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As the investigation continues, Baker's family is making the final arrangement for the funerals.

As the Baker family prepares for Friday's funeral of their murdered loved ones, the community around them has come together to make this time of grieving a little easier.

In their recent meeting, county commissions even voted on an emergency project to improve the road that leads to the family's cemetery.

Ted Lakey, a Jackson County administrator, says, “When a tragedy like this happens in Jackson County, the community pulls together. I feel like in this case the county commission pulled together and unanimously voted to get that road up to where it needed to be for the funeral."

Before the recent improvements, this road was in no condition to withstand the traffic it's expected to see on Friday.

The family says that they we're pleased with the county's decision to re-grade the road and make a clearer path for the funeral possession.

Virginia Jackson, a cousin, says, “I think it was the right thing to do. It needed doing. Hey, what a better thing to do?"

They say the support of law enforcement has also made a difference.

"They're here about three times a day to keep check and make sure that everything's all right and that our little cousin is okay."

Friday's funeral will hopefully began to bring closure to this tragedy that's struck one family and touched an entire community.

Sneads High School is lending its facilities for Friday’s 12 p.m. funeral services.