Mayor Suspends Police Chief Over Traffic Death Case

Springfield’s Mayor Gene Stockwell has suspended the city’s police chief for insubordination following this week’s death of a motorist in a hit and run accident at Everitt Ave and East 2nd Court in Millville.

Twenty-three-year-old Quinten Mathis was killed when another car, being chased by police, ran the stop sign at the intersection and plowed into Mathis’ car.

The other driver, identified as Henry Clayton Faison, was running from a Springfield police officer who was trying to stop him for speeding. Faison left the scene and police are still looking for him.

In the meantime, interim Springfield Mayor Gene Stockwell has suspended interim Police Chief David Barnes over the incident. Stockwell says Barnes refused to suspend the officer who tried to pull the speeder, so he suspended him for one week for what he called insubordination.