Different Sentences for Teen Killers Raise Questions

Questions of fairness in the sentencing of young killers are being raised in Pensacola.

A black girl got 45 years. Two white brothers got seven and eight years.

Christine Rogers is now 15. She was sentenced last week to 45 years for second-degree murder for a killing committed when she was 13. The Pensacola girl cut the throat of a 15-year-old girl during an argument.

Derek and Alex King were 13 and 12 in 2001 when they bashed their father in the head with a baseball bat while he slept at their home in Cantonment, which is a Pensacola suburb.

The Rogers girl is mildly retarded and will serve her time in an adult prison. A civil rights activist with the Southern Christian Leadership Council says there is no way the girl is going to survive in prison.