Dangers of Routine Traffic Stops

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During his six and half year tenure as a patrol officer for the Panama City Beach Police Department, Sgt. Kevin Kight has never received a complaint or reprimand.

In fact, a man Sgt. Kight recently pulled over contacted us Tuesday and had nothing but praise for the man who gave him a ticket.

"I was mistaken about what the speed limit was and drove right past Ofc. Kight. He pulled me right over. I went to get out of my vehicle because I never been pulled over and I didn't know what the procedure was. He told me to get back into my vehicle. He was extremely by the book," Andy Schack says.

But it seems Kight's “by the book” nature couldn't protect him from an alleged gang-bangers' paranoia.

Authorities say Kight planned to charge 22-year-old Robert Bailey with driving with a suspended license during a routine traffic stop at the intersection of Front Beach and Beckrich Roads around 10:30 Sunday night.

Fearful that he could go back to prison for violating his probation in Wisconsin, Bailey allegedly shot Kight two times in the upper torso.

"You're at your most vulnerable point on traffic stops. You never know what to expect from the person in the car," says Cpl. William Melvin of the Panama City Beach Police Department.

Andy Schack says Kight's professionalism stuck with him, and he's now haunted by what Kight said.

"One thing he mentioned to me, he said, "One thing I tell everyone is I will make it home every night." He mentioned his family and wanting to go home to them every night. It broke my heart to know a four-year-old boy will now not see him go up the driveway just because some thug didn't care if he lived or died," says Schack.