Calhoun/Washington Flooding

Calhoun County Emergency Management officials in Blountstown are warning home and business owners near the Apalachicola River to pay close attention to the rising water levels.

The Apapachicola River at Blountstown isn't expected to crest for several more days and the people close to the river in Blountstown are preparing just in case.

When the river reaches 15 feet it is considered at flood stage. That point was reached several days ago and some low land flooding has taken place. Its nothing serious and people are used to it

But now they're getting worries as the river level has reacahed 23 feet. Steven Raghton lives near the river. "Last time it flooded we didn't get any of it around out house. But, we were trapped by the water and couldn't get away from the house."

Gulf Power was busy in Blountstown sandbagging the town's main power substation. Its been surrounded by flooding river water several times in the past.

Steve Sexton, who works for Gulf Power, says the utility its simply taking necessary precautions. " On any type of storm situation we have plans in place. That's why we're out here today.. We're just being proactive just in case the river gets any higher. We want to make sure there's an adaquet supply of electricity for our customers here."

Now, it seems everyoine in Blountstown is on the same sheet of music, preparing for the worst if the Apalachicola River rises any more.

Many people remember 1994 when the river crested at just over 23 feet. A number of Blountstown homes had to be avacuated. Since then, many homes have been built up higher to avoid any easy flooding. The river today is just over 23 feet and its all dry.

Meanwhile, Friday's heavy rains caused some serious flooding in Wahington County.

A local state of emergency was declared and Emergency Management officials are urging anyone traveling to stay off the county's dirt roads. A good number of them have been washed out and the Road and Bridge Department won't be able to start fixing things until the flood water drain off.

Many homes in the Chipley, Vernon, New Hope and other locations are still at risk because of the risk of flash flooding.