A County by County List of Area Roads Closed by Flooding

Here's the list of what has been affected so far in Washington, Bay, Walton, Liberty, Holmes and Gulf Counties.

In Bay County, the Otter Creek Bridge Road, Irwin and Utes Street off of Thomas Drive, Pine Log Bridge and Singer Road in the Silver Lake area are all impassible.

In Walton County, emergency managers say the Choctawhatchee Bay causeway could be a problem as the rough water has washed out the bank at the edge to the bay. It could be dangerous is you try to pull off the roadway pavement; your vehicle could go into the water. Traffic on 331 at the Old Jolly Bay Road is down to one lane of traffic because of high water on the road. Highway 81 south of Spense Drive is also covered by water.

The following Walton County roads are washed out or otherwise impassible. Indian Creek Ranch Road, McKinnon Bridge Road, White Creek Road, Crooked Creek Road, Barran Lake Road, Red Hill Road, W. C. Currington Road, Dead River Road are all closed.

Elsewhere in Walton County, other roads closed and underwater are Old Landfill Road, Spradlin Road, Wood Road, Rachael's Road, Laird Road, Intersection of Laird and Richardson, Hinote Road, Dallas Road Pond Creek Road Williams Road and Turkey Creek Pit Road and Pond Road are all closed.

Other Walton County roads closed, washed out or otherwise impassible are Senterfitt Road, Ezra Brannon Road and Blue Mountain Beach Road (Highway 83).

Washington County has declared a local state of emergency as it experiences lots of flooding in low lying places and heavy damage to its dirt roads. Washington County leaders are calling the situation severe and citizens are being advised to stay off the county dirt road for 24 to 36 hours.

Roads in Washington County which are closed include Gainer Road, Potter Springs Road, Odom Road, Dupree Road, Territory Road, Griffin Landing Road, Owens Community Road at Highway 277, Gainer Road south of Clayton, Deadening Road, Hard Labor Road and Clemmons Road.

In Gulf County, the following roads are closed because of flooding: Lake Grove Road, Lister Landing Road, Willis Landing Road, South Long Street, Hummingbird, North Murphy, Lower Landing Road and Sauls Creek Road.

Gulf County Emergency Management officials are fearing the situation may get worse early in the weekend.

In Liberty County, the Emergency Operations Center in Bristol says it has five roads closed because of the weather. Included in the Liberty County Closure list are FR-115 Forest Road is closed due to flooding, Bristol Public Boat Landing is closed, Harry Donar Road, FR-123 Forest Road, and NW Central Avenue. These are all closed.

Holmes County's Emergency Operations Center in Bonifay said it also has a number of road closings to report. Closed because of flooding or washouts are Jack Brown Rd., Spring Valley Rd., White Rd., Commander Rd., Red Bug Ln., Highways 183 & 10A, Scott Rd., The Bonifay/Chipley Rd., Harris Steverson Rd., Curry Ferry Rd., Bridge Creek Rd., Tobe Retherford Rd., HorseShoe Loop Rd., Highway 171/Franklin Rd. Sandpath (near Sideline Dr.), 81 S. @ County Line Walton side, and the Mt. Ida Rd.