Chipola River Passes Flood Stage

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Flood waters continue to claim homes and roads around the Panhandle. Folks in Jackson County say they're trying to avoid as much damage as possible.

The latest reading from the Chipola River in Marianna shows it has now gone beyond its flood stage.

The water level on the river has been monitored the past couple days and it was discovered Tuesday that the readings were off. The river was measured at 19.2 feet, which is just beyond flooding.

Jackson County commissioners have planned a special meeting with Emergency Management Wednesday morning to make plans in the event the river begins to threaten homes in that county.

Rodney Andreasen, Jackson County EOC Director, says, "We're going to ask for a local state of emergency, not based on what we have now, but we're looking at what's going to happen over the next 24 hours. We're expecting more rain and we want to be prepared for that, so if folks need help we could get them some help."

A local state of emergency would allow Emergency Management to request evacuations or assistance from the state if needed.