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Monique Turenne Sentenced
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A Canadian woman convicted of second degree murder for the 1996 beating death of her husband is trying once again to prove her innocence. With the help of a high profile attorney, Monique Turenne wants more DNA testing done on items found at the scene.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s trial attorney, filed the motion on behalf of Turenne. Despite his efforts, Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet denied the latest motion for post-conviction DNA testing last week.

For nine years, Monique Turenne fought her extradition from Canada to face murder charges in Bay County. In 2005, her involvement in the high profile murder case of her husband, David Turenne, finally went to trial.

The Canadian Air Force Major, assigned to Tyndall Air Force Base at the time, was killed with a claw hammer outside of the couple's Forest Park home in 1996.

During her trial, the state claimed Monique instigated a fight between her husband and alleged lover, Ralph Crompton. Crompton was convicted of first degree murder. Monique eventually got twenty-two years in prison for second degree.

Last October, high profile Defense Attorney Jose Baez filed an amended motion for more DNA testing. Last week, Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet denied it.

"The judge found that in light of the overwhelming evidence of the defendant's involvement with her husbands murder and this incredible story about there being a Diablo, a third person involved, that this was just inconsistent with evidence at the trial. And that the DNA testing would not either exonerate her or lessen her sentence," said Assistant State Attorney, Larry Basford.

Basford says there was never any question as to who murdered Major Turrene. The only issue in Monique’s trial was the extent of her involvement.

"In his motion, the defense attorney, Mr. Baez, or whoever filed this motion on his behalf, seemed to gloss over the fact that she had confessed to her involvement in this case to the Canadian authorities," said Basford.

Baez has thirty days to appeal Overstreet's ruling, which Basford says Baez will do. The State Attorney's office only hopes the appeal will be denied like all of the other motions Monique’s filed since her conviction.

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