Technicool: International Phone Book

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Up until a few years ago, if you needed a phone number and you didn't have a phone book, you'd call 4-1-1. You can still call 4-1-1 today, but it'll cost you some money. If you have a computer, you can look up phone numbers on Google.

All you do is go to, type in the name of the person you're looking for, in quotation marks, type the "+”, then put the city you think they live in in quotation marks.

Now, this doesn't work for every phone number, but you might be surprised to find who's in Google's phone directory. You might even want to try your own name, because in addition to giving out phone numbers, you can print out a map to your house.

Can't remember the phone number for your favorite restaurant? Just type the restaurant's name in quotation marks, type the "+", then what city the restaurant's in.

You can also use Google for caller ID. Just put in a phone number with area code at and hit enter.

So where do all these numbers come from? Public records usually. Phone book databases are another. Everything Google does is perfectly legal, but if you want your info out of Google's directory, you need to let them know.

Just go to this page:

Remember, give them a couple of days to remove your info from their databases.