Family First: Smoother Day

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Are you one of those people who make lists every day, but can't seem to get everything on your list accomplished? You're not alone!

"I can't get it all done!" It is the chorus of parents across America. Many are frustrated and feeling blue about the days that too often spin out of control. We’ll show you five steps you can take to make your day a little easier.

For Mary Bermingham, doing something like this once a day makes this part of the day go more smoothly. Parenting Magazine says there are some time management strategies that ease daily distractions. Try putting yourself first at least once a day.

“I find making time for myself makes my whole day go more smoothly because I have made myself a priority and have the energy to keep going,” she says.

Another time management strategy is to think about housework differently.

Meghan Rabbitt with Parenting Magazine says, “If you look at everything you have to do in your house as one big list, it can be overwhelming. Try designating one day of the week for different chores, then leave two days open for things that might not get done. For instance, if Thursday is your day to dust, hold firm to that day even if you notice a dusty table earlier in the week.”

Here's what's on the menu for tonight. Be flexible, but have a bottom line. The Berminghams make a weekly dinner menu and stick to it. That stopped the endless discussion brought on by too many choices.

Try making an "I did it" list. You may find when you reflect on all you really accomplish in a day you're more effective than you realize. Just try to keep all of your tasks in perspective. It can lead to a more stress-free household.

For more information on helping your day go more smoothly, check out the April issue of Parenting Magazine.