Walton County Flooding

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As the water rises in Steelfield, so does Kim Terry's heart rate. Her home sits in the path of floodwaters expected to increase at least 10 inches.

Tuesday, rains are to blame for the rising water level. It's deepest near the Steelfield fish camp, and those living nearby have evacuated.

Crime scene tape has been put up to keep looters out. Emergency personnel have promised to bring bottled water and boots to protect residents from overflowing septic tanks.

Barring any more rain, the water should recede by Sunday. Until then, you can't do anything but wait, but these residents are used to flooding and know what to do.

Campers have been moved to higher ground on the only road into the community. Boats are used to ferry people and belongings around and neighbors have helped one another.

Dennis Malone says, “Just been in and out and trying to help everybody move these campers out.”

Kim has lived her for 12 years and has seen her share of flooding, but this time she says it’s different.

"It’s staying longer and it’s rising slower than any flood I've ever seen out here before, and I've seen four."

And Kim knows that the longer she lives here, she will likely see more.