Marianna Murders

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It was three weeks ago Thursday that Marianna police investigators discovered a heartbreaking murder scene, a teenager, mother and her three young sons all killed in their apartment.

Since discovering the bodies of Danielle Baker and her three children, police have been working almost non-stop to find the killers, but there are still no arrests, and people in the community still want some answers.

Three weeks later and still no suspect has some people in the Cottondale Village Apartments a little restless.

Kenneth Curry, a resident, says, "It's kind of funny how it happened, you know? How I heard it happened and nobody's been caught yet. I wonder why?”

Baker was shot, but no gunshot was heard. The door to the apartment was locked, but who had a key? The people here say they want answers.

Sandra Philmon says, "It dawned on me that you have to have a key to get into the apartment. When you lock the apartment you have to have a key to get back in with. Well, what about the keys? Where were her keys? Or was it somebody that she knew that had a key?

City officials say they were also taken by surprise when they heard it was this neighborhood.

Howard Milton, Marianna Mayor, says, "I'm very disappointed that something like this would happen. When I was called and told, especially in that neighborhood, it's a very quiet neighborhood. I didn't expect anything to happen in that neighborhood."

People that live here say it's even difficult to get friends to visit the apartment complex.

Jennifer Brazell says, “A girlfriend of mine, she's got two kids and her boyfriend won't let her come over anymore, so I have to go over there to see here because she won't come over no more because old man's worried about his kids.”

Investigators say leads continue to come while this neighborhood continues to wait for answers.

Authorities are offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction. If you have any information, please call the Jackson County Crime Stoppers at 526-5000.