Frugal Friday

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Looking to save some money when shopping for food? How to shop smart at the supermarket is the subject of this Frugal Friday.

With the price of gas these days, many people are having to cut into their food budget. Well, here are some saving tactics you can take to the supermarket.

First, when shopping for meat, buy larger cuts; they're usually sold at a lower price per pound than smaller cuts. Ask the butcher to buy bottom round roast, beef romp, or beef shoulder. Then when you get home, cut the roast into smaller pieces and then label and freeze to use later, and look for meat with bones attached, such as shoulder lamb chops or breast of veal.

These cuts may not be as tender, but they cost less and the bone adds good flavor to soups and stews.

Deli meats are another good way to stretch your budget. Ask the deli to cut a thick slice of ham or turkey, then shred or cube it to add to pasta.

Another way to save more at the store is to pick produce that's in season; you'll get a better buy. For example, springtime is great for getting strawberries and blackberries at affordable prices.

String beans are a good buy in the summer, and when it comes to dry goods, buy in bulk. That includes flour, sugar, rice, beans and pasta.

One last tip is don't shop when you are hungry. With a full tummy, you'll be less tempted to buy more than you need.

Good Housekeeping says you can also cut your grocery bill by making sure your food lasts longer, so spend a few extra cents for high quality, airtight storage containers or freezer bags.

You can also spend less at the market by avoiding the prepared main meals. They save time and often taste great, but you pay for the privilege.