Problem Entrance

Last weekend's floods are still playing havoc on many local communities, including one in Walton County where residents are having a tough time simply going in and out of their neighborhood.

One way in and one way out has now been reduced to no way in or out for folks that live in the Plantation Park mobile home park.

The neighborhood is just north of Highway 98 on County 393 in Walton County. The recent rains have caused the entrance into the park to sink about a foot.

County officials have advised residents not to drive on the road until it can be fixed.

Longtime residents of the mobile home park say the same thing happened back in '94.

Ugene Weller, a resident, says, “They thought it was a permanent fix at the time, but they didn't expect such high water coming down through."

So far, the problem area has not caused any damage to vehicles.