Family Rescue

A Chipley family, rescued from the Gulf this Saturday, received some good news on Sunday.

Wendy White, her husband and their five-year-old son were about a mile south of the Panama City Marina when their six-month-old boat started taking on water.

About the only thing they saved was a cell phone, which Wendy used to call the Coast Guard.

Two Coast Guard vessels arrived and found the Whites hanging onto a cooler. They lost everything else, but Wendy says the thing she missed most was her purse, which contained all of her jewelry, including her wedding ring.

Then Sunday, she received a phone call from a Panama City Beach man who found her purse washed up on Shell Island.

Wendy says, "Just wonderful that he was so honest to give that back to me. We said yesterday that if the one thing we could get back, if I could just get my ring, and that did happen. It was wonderful."