Suit Filed Over 3 Local Drownings 18 Months Ago

The families of three young drowning victims are suing Gulf Power Company.

19-year old Gina Redmon, her 22-year-old brother Sam and their 17-year-old friend Joshua Clark all drowned in August, 2003 in a warm water canal at the Lansing Smith Steam Generating plant at Southport.

Submerged pipes coming out of the plant dump more than 200,000 gallons of heated water a minute into the canal creating hazardous conditions.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Bay County Circuit Court, claims the victims were trapped by the swift running water.

It also claims Gulf Power did not post warning signs or build fences around the canal.

The families of the three youths are seeking unspecified damages in their suit.

Toxicology tests showed the victims had been using ecstacy before the drowning.