Three Jailed as a Third of a Million Worth of Cocaine Is Grabbed by Cops

Bay County sheriff's investigators are being tight-lipped about many of the details behind a large cocaine bust at midday Wednesday.

The BCSO Special Investigations Unit staked out an unnamed area hotel for the last couple of days, then Wednesday afternoon made the bust of more than two and a half kilos of cocaine.

The stash was worth more than $365,000 on the street.

Some of the seized cocaine had already been cooked down into crack.

Three men have already been arrested with the bust; 25-year-old Perry Wilson, Jr., 26-year-old Corey Smith and 49-year-old Marvin Newsome. All three men are facing a number of felony charges, including trafficking in cocaine.

Sheriff's Capt. Ricky Ramie says look for more arrests in the case.