Washington County Roads

Washington County had its share of road closures caused by the recent flooding, and disaster assessment teams made their way to that count Thursday. Washington County has yet to recovery from its last bout with wicked weather.

Like most of the Panhandle, this past hurricane season was not kind to Washington County, and neither were the recent rains.

Roger Hagan, Washington County EOC Director, says, “We lost quite [a bit] of drainage apparatus during the last heavy rains. We got a bridge that's under water or the approach to it is under water. That bridge is closed."

Disaster assessment teams from the Red Cross and FEMA are currently looking at the damage, not just because of the current, but for what the future may bring.

Gathana Parmenas of the American Red Cross says, “I think it's important to know simply what areas flood. Often just simply low lying areas are subject to damage."

Don Moore with FEMA adds, “[We] want to come up with a preliminary damage assessment, turn it in to Tallahassee, and hopefully we'll get it all turned in by tomorrow and then we'll be through.”

But Emergency Operation Direction’s Roger Hagan says that the county is still playing catch-up after last year's hurricane season.

"Our transportation budget has really been strapped. We're still in recovery. We haven't yet received any of the FEMA reimbursement from Ivan, which makes everything that's going out now come out of our own budget."

With hurricane season 2005 not far away, the future seems uncertain. There are still a number roads closed in Washington County because of flooding or water damage.

The American Red Cross is still looking for people that need assistance, because the flood waters may have damaged their home. You can contact them at 850-763-6587.