Marianna Murders

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It was one month ago Thursday that Marianna residents were shocked by a quadruple murder at a Southside apartment complex.

Investigators are still looking for killer, or killers, but some things are finally returning to normal. Investigators have finally pulled down the crime scene tape that has surrounded the apartment for a month.

The yellow tape may be gone, but traces of a crime scene still remain. Apartment 301 where Danielle Baker and her three sons were found murdered one month ago was turned back over to the management at the Cottondale Village Apartments Thursday

Lou Roberts, Marianna Police Chief, says, “They're going to take care of actually getting the apartment ready for inhabitants to get ready to move into it at a later date and making sure that all the personal things that are there are given back to the family."

DNA, fingerprints and carpet fibers are just some of the evidence that was taken from the apartment. Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts says those items collected here have taken priority in crime labs throughout the state.

"You gotta understand we got four victims and it takes time to work evidence for four different victims. Crime labs from Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and Pensacola are all involved in the processing of this evidence and they've moved it to the front as far as processing."

Folks that live here say the crime scene may be gone, but it doesn't ease the tension in the neighborhood.

Braytez Barnes, a Cottondale Village resident, says, “I feel like it's just sad because the community can't rest yet. I mean, they're giving the apartment back for somebody to rent, and still they don't have a killer. I mean, who would rent it? It's just not safe right now.”

This investigation is a joint effort consisting of four different agencies and they all say it remains their main focus.

There's still a $25,000 reward for any information that may lead to an arrest and conviction this case. If you have any information, please call the Jackson County Crimestoppers Tips Line at 526-5000.