Propane Fire

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A Sunday afternoon fire gave quite a scare to residents of one Panama City neighborhood. It began with an explosion and took forces from several area fire departments to contain.

Bay County Fire Department officials were called near the intersection of 23rd Street and Highway 390 around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

When firefighters arrived, they found a travel trailer engulfed in flames. The fire was out in roughly 10 minutes. When the owner of the RV got home, he was happy to see that the fire caused no damage to his home, thanks to the help of some good neighbors.

"What it amounted to was we had some small little propane tanks that you hook to your little portable gas stove. They were exploding, and one of them actually came close to a firefighter when it exploded."

Gary Fitzhugh, a homeowner, says, "I really have to thank our neighbors for really seeing the problem and getting the firemen out here as quickly as they did. Thanks to them there's probably a lot less damage than there might have been."

State fire marshal officials are currently investigating this fire to determine exactly what started it.