Fired Coach

In his first season as coach, Tony Davis took the Chipley High School boy's team to a 23 and 7 record and a trip to the regional playoffs. Now, all he wants to do is get a second season.

The school district fired Davis earlier this month, but the reason is still a mystery to the general public. His attorney is now leveling new claims against the Washington County School District.

Gary Printy is the attorney representing former Chipley boys basketball coach Tony Davis. He says Davis came to him in January to file a discrimination charge with the Florida Commission on Human Relations.

The claim was brought against the Washington County School Board after Davis grew concerned about not being treated the same or having the same privileges as the former head coach of the boys basketball team.

Gary Printy, Tony Davis' lawyer, says, "He wanted to be able to practice his boys the same way Ricky McCullim practiced the boys when he coached the team. He was told, ‘you shouldn't do that. You're not allowed to do that.’ "

Printy says all parties involved in the case met in February to be discussed at an out of court mediation.

A second meeting with the School Board was set for mid-March, but it was canceled and several weeks later Tony Davis was informed that he will no longer be coaching the team, despite his job performance.

"He instituted a mandatory study hall for his players, which resulted in seven out of 12 of them being on the honor roll. He was regional semi-finals runner up, and for that he was fired."

That action has led to Davis' latest filing against the School Board.

"We are filing a amended charge this week alleging that Mr. Davis has been retaliated against by the School Board for filing a charge of discrimination against them in January."

Despite being relieved of his coaching duties, Tony Davis still works for the Washington County School Board as a teacher's aid.

Chipley High School Principal Pat Williams declined to comment and School Board Superintendent Calvin Stevenson was not available for comment.

Davis' latest claim against the School Board is based on the 1992 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits retaliation against employees or individuals who file complaints.