Chipola All-Americans

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Most kids in college try to do a good job, some excelling more than others. Two Chipola College students have not only achieved academic success, but are also contributing their time, energy and talents to their communities.

Lauren Eade and Paige Rentz recently made the All-Star team.

Lauren says, "I was honored. It was extremely surprising to me. It wasn't surprising that Paige got it. It was surprising to me that I got it."

These Chipola students are fresh back from their Boston trip where they were honored by USA-Today as academic all-stars. This honor ranks them in the top 60 among community college students in the country.

Paige says, "It was humbling ‘cause I was on stage with people that were fleeing from countries for ,you know, social and political injustice, cancer survivors starting cancer fundraisers raising thousands of dollars for cancer research."

Being named an academic all-star is not just about grades. Rentz and Eade both have 4.0 GPAs as well as outstanding community service.

Paige Rentz began a northern Florida Rock the Vote community street team, while Lauren Eade is responsible for starting a program that provided a book to all 300 third graders in Marianna. The program expanded to over 1,300 children in four counties in its second year.

"It really helped me expand my leadership skills and it helped my personal relationships with businesses, and so I've fine tuned my skills are far as communication."

Paige Rentz plans to be a magazine publisher one day and Lauren Eade has her goals set on becoming an architect.

Of the 20 academic all-stars that traveled to Boston, four of them were from Florida. Only two of the 20 were men.