County Manager Resigns

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After her first year on the job, several county commissioners said they had full confidence in Brangaccio's ability to run the county, but support disappeared over this past year and is what led to her resignation.

It only took several minutes for Bay County commissioners to agree to the terms of county manager Pam Brangaccio's resignation. Her last day on the job will be June 3 and she will be paid 50 percent of her yearly salary and receive health benefits until the end of the year.

George Gainer, Commission Chair, says, “This has been a few months in the making. Miss Brangaccio is a very qualified, very capable county engineer. Her expertise just hasn't worked out for Bay County and herself as we all expect it to.”

Commissioners say her last review was unfavorable.

Jerry Girvin, County Commissioner, says, “Some of the commissioners felt her job performance wasn't quite what they anticipated.”

Brangaccio was also dealing with health and family issues. Her mother recently passed away and she spent a lot of time out of town.

George Gainer adds, “Her family, being in central Florida, and I think in some cases, her heart being down there, and it made a big difference up here. It would be like me trying to perform in the Tampa Bay area.”

Brangaccio declined an interview, but said in a written statement she is "proud of the accomplishments that have occurred during my tenure with Bay County." She did not address the reasons why she left, a departure described by commissioners as mutual.

George Gainer says, “This was handled professionally and it would simply be a matter of we'd be happier probably with somebody else and she'd be happier with somebody else.”

Deputy county manager Joy Bates will also be stepping down at the end of the year. Commissioners say Brangaccio decided to leave now so the county would have a manager in place by the end of the year.